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CEMAM : News

SAVE THE DATE November 6-7, 2018 in Grenoble

Soutenance de thèse Solène Comby Dassonneville le 19 juillet 2018

Date à retenir : Journée RAFAM - Fabrication additive métallique le 23 mai 2018

Soutenance de thèse Edouard CHAUVET le 20/11/2017

Soutenance de thèse de Stéphane GROSSO le 17/11/2017

Voyage au coeur de la matière

La valorisation de recherche dans le domaine des matériaux architecturés


Sabrina Faddloun au concours MT180

Journée scientifique - 40 ans de la plateforme CMTC

2016 12 16 D. MUÑOZ-ROJAS HDR defense

2016 12 12 C. THOUMYRE Thesis defense

2016 12 09 O. Celikbileka Thesis defense

2016 12 09 S. PINSON Thesis defense

2016 11 25 Splendeur et décadence du bio-printing


28 09 2016 Rencontre Interfilières Chimie/environnement Mécanique/Métallurgie

Friday, 23th September 2016 Atom Probe Tomography

RAFALD : Journée du Réseau des Acteurs Français de l’ALD, Atomic Layer Deposition

2016 09 12 Anne Valat thsesis defense

Back on the day " architectured materials , features and manufacturing methods". Sharing about the CEMAM student work

2016 05 26 PhD defense

2016 13 06 Save the date for the Students day

Additive manufacturing of TA6V parts : from microstructural control to architectured materials

Return on RAFAM days 2016

4 years activity resume

Workshop Mapping the Future of Materials Science

SEMINAR LMGP - 24/09/2015 - Kinetics of BMP-2 ...

MEETING : Multilayer Polymer Dielectric Films for Next Generation Film Capacitors

MEETING : Nano-structured electrolytes and catalysts for PEMF

Workshop RAFALD : november 2015

CEMAM offered a prize for the best oral presentation during the GFECI

CEMAM vidéo presentation + focus on IRP2

Romain Parize - CEMAM

MET inauguration : January 19.2015

LEPMI Seminar: Polymer/Clay Aerogel Materials

LEPMI Seminar From multilayer films to nanoscale fibers: probing the connection between assembly and mechanics

Block your calendars Soon the 27th Jacques Cartier Interviews

Symposium Architectured Biomaterials, Medical and Tissue Engineering

Work-shop mat4energy-2014 June

Job 2014: Open session

Archi Mat 2014 : the Second International School on Architectured Materials from 1st to 6th June in Autrans

25-26 March 2014: A two-day workshop with industrial partners on Additive Manufacturing for metal parts

SEMINAR Mechanistic aspects of the oscillatory electro-oxidation of small organic molecules

LECTURES - Yves Bréchet - Technological Innovation - Liliane Bettencourt (2012-2013)

Robotic Manipulation, Characterization, and Processing on the Nanoscale – Overview of current Research Activities

Interdisciplinary Event: Material Sciences for Medicine

Hydrogen and fuel cells meeting

Conference of Monica Burriel - Post-doctoral fellowship from Imperial College, London

Doctoral thesis defence - Rakhi SOOD - LEPMI

Doctoral thesis defence - Nicolas Bailly - LEPMI

LMGP seminar - Didier LETOURNEUR

Lecture of L. Valdevit : Hierarchical architected materials as a platform for novel multifunctional systems

Lecture of G. Allaire, topological optimization based on the level set method

Lecture of Graeme Milton, University of Utah on "Metamaterials: high contrast composites with unusual properties"

CEMAM announces the opening of several three-year PhD theses and one-year postdoctoral position to begin in October 2012

Installation of the EBM Machine

Joint CEMAM – University of California, Santa Barara Workshop

Centre of Excellence of Multifunctional Architectured Materials
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