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CEMAM has extensive industry partnerships locally, nationally, and internationally. These collaborations provide direct support for research that leverage our ANR-supported labex effort.

They also provide essential intellectual stimulus on real-world problems and an important educational component that introduces our students and postdoctoral fellows to excellent career opportunities.


We are always open to forging new connections and providing more answers and solutions to industry.

Our short-term flexibility allows us significant adaptability in our IRPs and ensures you have all the resources necessary for your development.

In many industrial applications, finding the appropriate material/process for a given set of requirements is often the limiting factor. That's why CEMAM can help your industry to succeed...

Centre of Excellence of Multifunctional Architectured Materials
Direction de la Recherche - 46 avenue Félix Viallet 38031 Grenoble Cedex 01 - FRANCE Copyright Grenoble INP