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Centre of Excellence of Multifunctional Architectured Materials
Direction de la Recherche
46 avenue Félix Viallet
38031 Grenoble Cedex 01
Centre of Excellence of Multifunctional Architectured Materials


Living in Grenoble

Capital of the French Alps, Grenoble owes its development and success to its unique geographical location at the junction of three valleys leading, respectively, to Switzerland, Italy and the Rhone valley.

The city is surrounded by three mountain ranges - Belledonne, the Chartreuse and the Vercors - with summits reaching between 2000 and 3000 m which the  famous  author Stendhal referred to as the city where '"here is a mountain at the end of every street.''

Temporary Accomodation

Hotels: contact the Maison du Tourisme de l'Isère to obtain a list of hotels in Grenoble

Renting (Specialised websites)

  • ParuVendu
  • Abonim Immobilier
  • Se Loger
  • Particulier à Particulier, etc.

Real Estate agents

FNAIM 38 : find a lot of offers


e-colocation,,, easycoloc, etc.

Written by Valerie Rocchi

Date of update November 12, 2018

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