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Centre of Excellence of Multifunctional Architectured Materials
Direction de la Recherche
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Centre of Excellence of Multifunctional Architectured Materials
Centre of Excellence of Multifunctional Architectured Materials

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CEMAM: Publications

Publications 2018

  • Sannicolo, T.; Charvin, N.; Flandin, L.; Kraus, S.; Papanastasiou, D. T.; Celle, C.; Simonato, J.-P.; Mun D.; Jimenez C. & Bellet, D. (2018), 'Electrical Mapping of Silver Nanowire Networks: A Versatile Tool for Imaging Network Homogeneity and Degradation Dynamics during Failure', ACS nano 12(5), 4648—4659.
  • Batard, A.; Duforestel, T.; Flandin, L. & Yrieix, B. (2018), 'Prediction method of the long-term thermal performance of Vacuum Insulation Panels installed in building thermal insulation applications', Energy and Buildings. 178 , 1-10   (2018)
  • Batard, A.; Planes, E.; Duforestel, T.; Flandin, L. & Yrieix, B. (2018), 'Water vapour permeation through high barrier materials: numerical simulation and comparison with experiments', Journal of Materials Science 53(12), 9076--9090.
  •  Dubelley, F.; Planes, E.; Bas, C.; Pons, E.; Yrieix, B. & Flandin, L. (2018), 'Predictive durability of polyethylene terephthalate toward hydrolysis over large temperature and relative humidity ranges', Polymer 142, 285--292.
  • O Jay, E Toyserkani, P Donnadieu, J-J Blandin and S Esmaeili,Selective laser-assisted deposition of silver nanoparticles on a Mg-2wt.%Ca substrate’, Journal of Physics D- applied physics, 51, 31, 315401, AUG 2018
  • H.P. Van Landeghem, M. Véron, S.D. Catteau, J. Teixeira, J. Dulcy, A. Redjaïmia, S. Denis, ‘Nitrogen-induced nanotwinning of bainitic ferrite in low-alloy steel’ Scripta Materialia 155, 63–67 (2018).
  • Y. Parsa, L. Latu-Romain, Y. Wouters, S. Mathieu, T. Perez, M. Vilasi,  ‘Effect of oxygen partial pressure on the semiconducting properties of thermally grown chromia on pure chromium’, Corros. Sci. 141 (2018) 46-52
  • L. Latu-Romain, Y. Parsa, S. Mathieu, M. Vilasi, Y. Wouters, ‘Chromia scale thermally grown on pure chromium under controlled p(O2) atmosphere. II. Spallation investigation using photoelectrochemical techniques at a micro scale’ Oxid. Met.  90, 3-4, 255-266  (2018)
  • L. Latu-Romain, Y. Parsa, S. Mathieu, M. Vilasi, Y. Wouters, ‘Chromia scale thermally grown on pure chromium under controlled p(O2) atmosphere’ I. Spallation investigation using photoelectrochemical techniques at a meso scale’, Oxid. Met. 90, 3-4, 267-277  (2018)
  • R. Chattot, O. Le Bacq, V. Beermann, S. Kühl, J. Herranz, S. Henning, L. Kühn, T. Asset, L. Guétaz, G. Renou, J. Drnec, P. Bordet, A. Pasturel, A. Eychmüller, T. J. Schmidt, P. Strasser, L. Dubau, F. Maillard, “Surface Distortion as a Unifying Concept and Descriptor in Oxygen Reduction Reaction Electrocatalysis”, Nature Materials 17, 827 (2018)
  • T. Asset, R. Chattot, F. Maillard, L. Dubau, Y. Ahmad, N. Batisse, M. Dubois, K. Guérin, F. Labbé, R. Metkemeijer, S. Berthon-Fabry, M. Chatenet, “Activity and durability of platinum-based electrocatalysts supported on bare or fluorinated nanostructured carbon substrates”,  J. Electrochem. Soc., 165 (6) (2018) F3346-F3358.
  • T. Asset, M. Fontana, B. Mercier-Guyon, V. Martin, R. Chattot, N. Job, L. Dubau, F. Maillard, “A Review on Recent Developments and Prospects for Oxygen Reduction Reaction on Hollow Pt-alloy Nanoparticles”, ChemPhysChem., 19 (2018) 1552-1567.
  •  C. Lafforgue, A. Zadick, L. Dubau, F. Maillard, M. Chatenet, “Selected review of the degradation of Pt and Pd-based carbon-supported electrocatalysts for alkaline fuel cells: towards mechanisms of degradation”, Fuel Cells, 18 (3) (2018) 229-238,
  •  G. Ozouf, G. Cognard, F. Maillard, M. Chatenet, L. Guétaz, M. Heitzmann, P.-A. Jacques, C. Beauger, “Doped SnO2 aerogels based catalyst for PEMFC: electrochemical activity and durability”, J. Electrochem. Soc., 165 (6) (2018) F3036-F3044.
  • T. Asset, N. Job, Y. Busby, A. Crisci, V. Martin, V. Stergiopoulos, C. Bonnaud, A. Serov, M. Fontana, B. Mercier-Guyon, V. Martin, R. Chattot, N. Job, L. Dubau, F. Maillard, “Porous Hollow PtNi/C Electrocatalysts: Carbon Support Considerations to Meet Performance and Stability Requirements”, ACS Catal., 8 (2018) 893-903.
  •  V. Mogilireddy, M. Gras, N. Schaeffer, H. Passos, L. Svecova, N. Papaiconomou, J. Coutinho, I. Billard, Understanding the fundamentals of acid-induced ionic liquid-based aqueous biphasic system, PCCP, 20(2018)16477
  •  N. Schaeffer, H. Passos, M. Gras, V. Mogilireddy, J. leal, G. Perez-Sanchez,J. Gomes, I. Billard, N. Papaiconomou, J. A. P. Coutinho, Mechanism of ionic liquid-based acidic aqueous biphasic systems formation, PCCP, 20(2018)9838.
  •  M. Gras, N. Papaiconomou, N. Schaeffer, E. Chainet, F. Tedjar, J. Coutinho, I. Billard, Novel ionic liquids based acidic aqueous biphasic systems for simultaneous leaching and extraction of metal ions, Ang. Chem. Int. Ed., 57(2018)1563
  • A. K. Bharwal, L. Manceriu, F. Alloin, C. Iojoiu, J. Dewalque, T. Toupance, C. Henrist, Tuning bimodal porosity in TiO2 photoanodes towards efficient solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells comprising polysiloxane-based polymer electrolyte, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2018, DOI: 10.1016/j.micromeso.2018.07.013
  • A.K. Bharwal, L. Manceriu, C. Iojoiu, J.  Dewalque, T. Toupance, L. Hirsch, C. Henrist, F. Alloin, Ionic Liquid-like Polysiloxane Electrolytes for Highly Stable Solid-State Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells, ACS Applied Energy Materials, 2018, DOI: 10.1021/acsaem.8b00769
  • H.F. Lee, M. Killer, B. Britton, Y. Wu, HD Nguyen, C. Iojoiu, S. Holdcroft, Fuel Cell Catalyst Layers and Membrane-Electrode Assemblies Containing Multiblock Poly (arylene ether sulfones) Bearing Perfluorosulfonic Acid Side Chains, Journal of The Electrochemical Society 165 (10), F891-F897, 10.1149/2.1081810jes
  • H.D. Nguyen, J. Jestin, L. Porcar, C. Iojoiu, S Lyonnard, Aromatic Copolymer/Nafion Blends Outperforming the Corresponding Pristine Ionomers, ACS Applied Energy Materials 1 (2), 355-367, DOI:10.1021/acsaem.7b00037
  • R.K. Sharma, E. Djurado E., An efficient hierarchical nanostructured Pr6O11 electrode for solid oxide fuel cells, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 6 (2018) 10787-10802, DOI: 10.1039/C8TA00190A
  •  M. Gras, N. Papaiconomou, E. Chainet, I. Billard, Dicyanamide ions as complexing agents of Co(II): from weak ligands in water to strong ones in an ionic liquid, Solv. Ext. Ion Exch. Accepted
  • M. Verezhak, E.F. Rauch, M. Veron, C. Lancelon-Pin, J.-L. Putaux, M. Plazanet, A. Gourrier, ‘Ultrafine heat-induced structural perturbations of bone mineral at the individual nanocrystal level’  Acta Biomaterialia 73 (2018) 500-508
  • E. Chauvet, P. Kontis, E. Jägle, B. Gault, D. Raabe, C. Tassin, J.J. Blandin, R. Dendievel, B. Vayre, S. Abed, G. Martin, "Hot cracking mechanism affecting a non-weldable Ni-based superalloy produced by selective electron Beam Melting", Acta Materiala 142 (2018), 82-94.
  • E. Chauvet, C. Tassin, J.J. Blandin, R. Dendievel, G. Martin, "Producing Ni-based superalloys single crystal by selective electron beam melting", Scripta Materiala 152 (2018), 15-19.
  • A. Michau, F. Maury, F. Schuster, I. Nuta, Y. Gazal, R. Boichot and M. Pons ‘Chromium Carbide Growth by Direct Liquid Injection Chemical Vapor Deposition in Long and Narrow Tubes, Experiments, Modeling and Simulation’, Coatings  8(6) (2018) 220
  • L. Tian, S. Ponton, M. Benz, A. Crisci, R. Reboud, G. Giusti, F. Volpi, L. Rapenne, C. Vallée, M. Pons, A. Mantoux, C. Jiménez, E. Blanquet ’Aluminum nitride thin films deposited by hydrogen plasma enhanced and thermal atomic layer deposition’ Surface & Coatings Technology 347, (2018) 181–190.
  • R. Parize,  T. Cossuet, E. Appert, O. Chaix-Pluchery, H. Roussel, L. Rapenne, V.Consonni, ‘Synthesis and properties of ZnO/TiO2/Sb2S3 core-shell nanowire heterostructures using the SILAR technique’, CRYSTENGCOMM   20 (31)   Pages: 4455-4462   (2018)
  • A. Khan, V. H. Nguyen, D. Muñoz-Rojas, S. Aghazadehchors, C. Jiménez, N. D. Nguyen,D. Bellet ’ Stability Enhancement of Silver Nanowire Networks with Conformal ZnO Coatings Deposited by Atmospheric Pressure Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition’, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces   10 (22)   Pages: 19208-19217 (2018)
  • Viennet, R. Roussel, H. Rapenne, L. Deschanvres, J. L. Renevier, H. Jousseaume, V. Jalaguier, E. Proietti,’ XAFS atomistic insight of the oxygen gettering in Ti/HfO2 based OxRRAM’, Phys. Rev. Mater. 2(5) 055002 (2018)
  • M. Smyth, C. Fournier, C. Driemeier, C. Picart, E.J. Foster, J. Bras, Tunable Structural and Mechanical Properties of Cellulose Nanofiber Substrates in Aqueous Conditions for Stem Cell Culture, Biomacromolecules. 18 (2017) 2034–2044.
  • M. Smyth, M.-S. M’Bengue, M. Terrien, C. Picart, J. Bras, E.J. Foster, The effect of hydration on the material and mechanical properties of cellulose nanocrystal-alginate composites, Carbohydr. Polym. 179 (2018) 186–195.
  • M. Kuterbekov, P. Machillot, P. Lhuissier, C. Picart, A.M. Jonas, K. Glinel, Solvent-free preparation of porous poly( l -lactide) microcarriers for cell culture, Acta Biomater. 75 (2018) 300–311.
  • A. Ho-Shui-Ling, J. Bolander, L.E. Rustom, A.W. Johnson, F.P. Luyten, C. Picart, Bone regeneration strategies: Engineered scaffolds, bioactive molecules and stem cells current stage and future perspectives, Biomaterials. 180 (2018) 143–162.
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  • Niether, C ; Faure, S; Bordet, A ; Deseure, J ; Chatenet, M; Carrey, J ; Chaudret, B ; Rouet, A; Improved water electrolysis using magnetic heating of FeC-Ni core-shell nanoparticles; Nature Energy  3 (6)  Pages: 476-483  (2018)
  • Blanchard, R (Blanchard, Remi); Martin, V (Martin, Vincent); Mantoux, A (Mantoux, Arnaud); Chatenet, M (Chatenet, Marian) ; Cobalt porphyrin and Salcomine as novel redox shuttle species to enhance the oxygen evolution reaction in Li-O-2 batteries; Electrochemica Acta , 261  Pages: 384-393  (2018)
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  • Dubelley, Florence; Bas, Corine; Planes, Emilie; Pons, Emmanuelle ; Yrieix, Bernard, Flandin, Lionel, Durability of Polymer Metal Multilayer: Focus on the Adhesive Chemical Degradation, FRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY , 6 , 459   (2018)
  • Bott-Neto, Jose L.; Asset, Tristan; Maillard, Frederic; Dubau, Laetitia ; Hamad, Y; Guerin, K  ; Berthon-Fabry, S ; Mosdale, A ; Mosdale, R ; Ticianelli, EA ; Chatenet, M.,,Utilization of graphitized and fluorinated carbon as platinum nanoparticles supports for application in proton exchange membrane fuel cell cathodes, JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES , 404, 28-38   (2018)
  • Huu-Dat Nguyen; Kim, Guk-Tae; Shi, Junli; Paillard, E; Judeinstein,P ; Lyonnard, S  ; Bresser, D ; Iojoiu, C , Nanostructured multi-block copolymer single-ion conductors for safer high-performance lithium batteries, ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE , 11, 11, 3298-3309  (2018)
  • Cossuet, Thomas; Resende, Joao; Rapenne, Laetitia; Chaix-Pluchery, Jimenez, C  ; Renou, G ; Pearson, AJ ; Hoye, RLZ ; Blanc-Pelissier, D ; Nguyen, ND ; Appert, E ; Munoz-Rojas, D ; Consonni, V ; Deschanvres, JL , ZnO/CuCrO2 Core-Shell Nanowire Heterostructures for Self-Powered UV Photodetectors with Fast Response, ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS , 28, 43,1803142 (2018)
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  • Parize, Romain; Garnier, Jerome Daniel; Appert, Estelle; Chaix-Pluchery, O; Consonni, V, Effects of Polyethylenimine and Its Molecular Weight on the Chemical Bath Deposition of ZnO Nanowires, ACS OMEGA , 3 , 10, 12457-12464  (2018)
  • Sharma, Rakesh K.; Mueller, Veronica; Chatenet, Marian ; Djurado, E, Oxygen Reduction Reaction Electrocatalysis in Alkaline Electrolyte on Glassy-Carbon-Supported Nanostructured Pr6O11 Thin-Films, CATALYSTS, 8 , 10, 461 (2018)
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  • Batard, A.; Duforestel, T.; Flandin, L.; ; Yrieix, B , Modelling of long-term hygro-thermal behaviour of vacuum insulation panels, ENERGY AND BUILDINGS, 173, 252-267  (2018)

Date of update May 9, 2019

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